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Big Book News!

Posted by on Jan 7, 2016 in BlogPost

I’ve been quiet lately, I know. Going to grad school in your thirties while also raising a family is apparently a leeetle bit crazier than I thought it’d be. However! I have some exciting news. I’ll be penning a YA novel, due out from Simon Pulse (Simon & Schuster) in the summer of 2017! I am sooooo beyond excited about this book! It’s got two adorable Indian-American teens, a Bollywood dance scene, a domineering Indian mother, San Francisco, and comics! I’m just…sigh. So. much. happy. Like you can see from the Publisher’s Weekly announcement above, I’ll be writing under the pen name Sandhya Menon. Why, you might ask. Well, it’s because this book (and others under that name) will feature a much lighter, brighter writing style and story lines than your traditional S.K. Falls fare. So this’ll separate it out nicely for readers. I don’t have a website for Sandhya Menon yet, but I do have a Twitter! And I’m on Instagram. I hope you’ll follow me on this new adventure!...

Leah Rhyne and her new (old) book…HEARTLESS!

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in BlogPost

Leah Rhyne and her new (old) book…HEARTLESS!

I am absolutely delighted to have Leah Rhyne on the blog today, talking about her new YA book, Heartless. The really super-cool thing about Heartless is that, like One Last Song, it was originally indie published and THEN picked up by a publisher! Heartless now has a brand new gorgeous cover…but here’s Leah to tell you the story herself! (See what I did there? To tell you the story? Because she’s an auth–okay, I’ll leave.) Congrats on the incredible news of getting a novel picked up by Polis Books, Leah! 1. Tell us how you began writing Heartless (which was originally called JO). How did the idea come to you? Why did you feel you had to write it? So you know how it’s sometimes hard to tell where an idea comes from? Because sometimes ideas just happen? Not so with my Jo. The main character, Jolene Hall, appeared in a dream one night. I was sitting in my original college dorm room, on a bed that was pushed against a wall, across the room from the door. There was a knock on the door, and when I opened it, two girls stood there. One was giggling helplessly, sort of leaning against the doorframe in hysterics, and the other pushed her way inside. “I’m dead,” she said (and I remember this as vividly now as I did when I dreamed it three or four years ago!). “Well, sort of. Can you tell? Can you smell me?” I woke up shortly thereafter, but man, it BOTHERED me! Why was this girl dead? How was she dead? I mean, she was walking around, right? Not eating people, so she wasn’t one of my zombies. It became this weird thing I’d think about, usually during long runs on weekends. Why? How? What? When I was still wondering about her three months later, I decided it was time to write a book. I had no idea what would happen until I started writing. This was really a “figure it out, write by the seat of your pants” kind of a story. 2. I love that! A dead girl who haunted you from beyond…er, sort of. Why did you decide to indie publish it as JO? Well, I was knee-deep in zombies, at the time, working through my Undead America series with the small indie press, MuseItUp Publishing. And that was all well and good and fantastic, but I knew from the start I wanted something different with JO. But she was sort of weird. Sort of strange. Feedback from the few agents I queried at the time was that she was spanning genres and age ranges. Not quite horror, because a lot of it is rather snarky-funny, and not quite YA, because Jo is 18-ish, not 16-ish. So I sort of felt like I’d maybe done something wrong? I don’t know. I just didn’t pursue the traditional route with her for very long. I was going to let her go, just let her sit in a drawer and die quietly, but there were two people who wouldn’t let me. My brother and my husband LOVE Jo. They love her story, her quirks, everything. And every so often, one or both of them would ask about her. “When are you going to publish her?...

Pretty New Italian Cover: La Nostra Ultima Canzone

Posted by on Oct 28, 2015 in BlogPost

Pretty New Italian Cover: La Nostra Ultima Canzone

This is one of those uber-cool writer moments–seeing your book in a brand new language, with a brand new cover! 🙂 My first foreign edition…woo hoo! Sorry about the radio silence. I’ve decided to go back to graduate school at the ripe old age of 32, which means I have hardly any free time. BUT I promise I’m making the time to write, and hopefully soon I’ll have more to say in the way of writing and all things bookish!

Age of Blood by Shauna Granger: Cover Reveal

Posted by on Mar 5, 2015 in BlogPost

Age of Blood (Ash and Ruin #3) by Shauna Granger Hope is a dangerous thing, but powerful. Hope keeps you going. Hope can keep you alive. But hope can shatter your world. Kat and Dylan have found a home, but the monsters are still out there. The pox and plague still ravage the world. They have hope of finding a vaccine, but their encampment isn’t equipped to develop it. Dylan is still too weak from the pox to leave the encampment, so Kat must decide between staying by his side and protecting her last remaining family member as he leaves to find supplies. Separated for the first time since they came together, Kat and Dylan will have to fight their own battles to save what is left of their bloody world. Kat will have to hold on to hope that she has anything left to save and someone to come home to. If she can survive. Available 5/5/2015 Add on Goodreads Preorder on Amazon Preorder on Barnes and Noble Preorder on Kobo About the series: World of Ash – book 1 There are two inherent truths in the world: life as we know it is over, and monsters are real. The Pestas came in the night, spreading their pox, a deadly plague that decimated the population. Kat, one of the unlucky few who survived, is determined to get to her last living relative and find shelter from the pox that continues to devastate the world. When it mutates and becomes airborne, Kat is desperate to avoid people because staying alone might be her only chance to stay alive. That is, until she meets Dylan. Dylan, with his easy smile and dark, curly hair, has nowhere to go and no one to live for. He convinces Kat there can be safety in numbers, that they can watch out for each other. So the unlikely couple set off together through the barren wasteland to find a new life – if they can survive the roaming Pestas, bands of wild, gun-toting children, and piles of burning, pox-ridden bodies. Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo | Smashwords Time of Ruin – book 2 The world has ended, and hope is the most dangerous thing left. Battered and bruised after barely escaping San Francisco with their lives, Kat, Dylan, and Blue press north – desperate to reach the possibility of a new home. But strange, monstrous ravens are tracking the remaining survivors, food is becoming scarce, gasoline is running short, and people are becoming suicidal, making survival almost impossible. And the Pestas are growing bolder. Somehow, their numbers are growing. The further north they go, the harder it becomes to ignore the signs that they’ve made a fatal mistake. Kat must face the impossible truth that there is no escape, there is no safe haven, and their worst nightmares don’t come close to their new reality. Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo | Smashwords About the author: Like so many other writers, Shauna grew up as an avid reader, but it was in high school that she realized she wanted to be a writer. She released the first installment of her Paranormal YA Series, The Elemental Series, Earth, on May 1, 2011 and has since released four sequels, with the series coming...

One Last Song Will Be Published in Italian!

Posted by on Feb 12, 2015 in BlogPost

One Last Song Will Be Published in Italian!

  Guys! I’m so excited to tell you today that it’s official! Italian publisher Piemme (the YA imprint of Mondadori) has purchased foreign rights to One Last Song! Can you tell by all the exclamation points that I’m cosi eccitato?! The book will come out in Italy (Italy!) in ebook and trade paperback format. A concrete publication date is yet to be announced, but it’ll likely be late 2016 or early 2017 because translations take a long time. So, tell me, is this good enough reason to finally book that flight for an Italian vacay like I’ve wanted to do for ages??...